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Basic Geometry

Basic Geometry

Basic Geometry: One Side, Two Side, Perpendicular Side, ConGRU…ent Side True or False

1. The following quadrilaterals have two distinct sets of congruent sides. -> Rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, and kite
2. What is the total number of degrees in a 30-sided polygon? -> 5400°
3. Find the measurement of ∠A for this parallelogram.

-> 76°

4. What is the measure of each angle in a regular octagon? -> 180°
5. Triangle ABC is similar to triangle DEF. What is the length of side DE? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

-> 2.80 in

6. What is the measure of angle F for this kite?

-> 88°

7. What is the measure of ∠M for this isosceles right triangle?

-> 45°

8. Find the diameter of a circle with radius  cm. -> 1 cm
9. All circles are similar. One has a radius of 12 cm and a circumference of approximately 75.36 cm. Use proportions to find the circumference of a circle with a radius of 9 cm. -> ≈ 6.98 cm
10. Find the measure of ∠R in this trapezoid.

-> 80°