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Basic Geometry

Basic Geometry

Basic Geometry: Surface Area, Perimeter, and Volume, Oh My Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Basic Geometry? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. How many faces are there on a hexagonal pyramid?

Q. Approximate the area of the light blue sections.

12.9 cm2
17.64 cm2
36.84 cm2
42.5 cm2
71.4 cm2
Q. Find the perimeter of this figure to the nearest tenth.

16.3 cm
21.2 cm
26.7 cm
32.7 cm
43.1 cm
Q. Find the volume of a cube, where each side has a perimeter of 12 cm.

9 cm3
27 cm3
54 cm3
72 cm3
96 cm3
Q. Find the surface area of a cube where each side has a perimeter of 12 cm.

9 cm3
27 cm3
54 cm3
72 cm3
96 cm3
Q. What is the volume of this trapezoidal prism?

39.69 cm3
124.2 cm3
188.5 cm3
204.75 cm3
654 cm3
Q. What is the surface area of this trapezoidal prism?

191 cm2
195 cm2
204.82 cm2
214.92 cm2
225.34 cm2
Q. Find the area of this section of a circle to the nearest tenth.

6.9 cm2
12.7 cm2
15.2 cm2
27.6 cm2
60.8 cm2
Q. You are building a simple dollhouse for your little sister. Here is the sketch you made:

You will paint the sides, top, and back, but not the front or bottom, pink, her favorite color. How many square inches of paint do you need?

810 in2
936 in2
1620 in2
1728 in2
6912 in2
Q. The length of the diagonal of this square is 9.9 cm. Use the Pythagorean theorem to approximate the length of the sides to the nearest tenth.

6 cm
6.5 cm
7.0 cm
7.5 cm
8.0 cm