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Basic Operations

Basic Operations

LCM & GCF Exercises

Example 1

Find the LCM of 25 and 15.

Example 2

Find the GCF of 84 and 126.

Example 3

Find the LCM of 30, 45, and 60.

Example 4

Find the GCF of 48, 24, and 60.

Example 5

You and your best friend are racing around a track. You run the track in 5 min, while friend runs it in 6 min. If you both start at the same time, how many laps will you have to run before you meet your friend back at the starting place (assuming you both run a consistent pace)?

Example 6

There are 20 girls and 16 boys in your class. Your teacher wants to make groups with a the same number of girls and boys in each group. How many students will be in each group?