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Basic Operations

Basic Operations

Scientific Notation Examples

Example 1

Write 26,500,000 in scientific notation.

Note: even if you don't see a decimal at the end of a number, it's there.

Example 2

Write 307,000 in scientific notation.

This time, there is a zero that is a significant digit. Be sure to include this in the coefficient.

Example 3

Write 5.072 x 10^8 in standard notation.

If scientific notation is shorthand, then standard notation is longhand. It's the way you normally write numbers.

Example 4

Write 0.00006009 in scientific notation.

Remember when we told you that you could write very small numbers using scientific notation? Well, here's your big (or really small) chance.

Example 5

Write 3.801 x 10^-12 in standard notation.

Since the ten is raised to a negative power, you know that you are working with a very small number.