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Basic Statistics & Probability

Basic Statistics & Probability

Basic Counting Principle Examples

Example 1

There are 4 different coins in this piggy bank and 6 colors on this spinner.

piggy bank and spinner

If you pick 1 coin and spin the spinner:

a) how many possible outcomes could you have?

b) what is the probability that you will pick a quarter and spin a green section?

Example 2

spinner 2

If you spin each of these spinners...

a) how many different combined outcomes could you get?

b) what is the probability that both spinners land on the same color?

Example 3

A pizza parlor allows you to choose between thin or thick crust, whole wheat or plain dough, spicy or regular tomato sauce, and four different types of cheese all before you decide on your toppings.

a) How many different pizzas can you make from these selections?

b) Assuming all options are chosen equally, what is the probability that a thin crust, whole wheat pizza with spicy sauce will be ordered?