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Basic Statistics & Probability

Basic Statistics & Probability

Histograms Examples

Example 1

Create a histogram displaying the top ten women's figure skating scores for the 2010 Winter Olympics

Figure Skating
Yu-Na Kim228.56
Mao Asada205.5
Joanie Rochette202.64
Mirai Nagasu190.15
Miki Ando188.86
Laura Lepisto187.97
Rahail Flatt182.49
Akiko Suzuki181.44
Alena Leonova172.46
Ksenia Makarova171.91

The x-axis needs to span from at least 171 to 229 in order to accommodate all of the data.

Example 2

This histogram represents the scores from the last geometry test. They are graphed with a bin width of 7.

geometry scores

a) How many students took the test?