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Basic Statistics & Probability

Basic Statistics & Probability

Histograms Exercises

Example 1

These histograms graph the amount of time (hours per day) that 46 middle school girls and 40 middle school boys in San Francisco spend on the website FaceSpace. 50 boys and 50 girls took the survey but 4 girls and 10 boys did not use these sites at all. Each is graphed with a bin width of 0.25 hours.

social networking (girls)

social networking (boys)

Example 2

How many boys spend more than 1.5 hours/day on social networking sites?

Example 3

Compare the percentage of boys and girls that spend more than zero but less than 1 hour/day on these sites.

Example 4

Find the interval where the median of the boys' data set lies

Example 5

What can you conclude based on these graphs?