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Basic Statistics & Probability

Basic Statistics & Probability

Mean, Median, Mode & Range Examples

Example 1

These are the scores from last week's geometry test:

90, 94, 53, 68, 79, 84, 87, 72, 70, 69, 65, 89, 85, 83, 72

You earned a score of 72. Your mom asks you how you did on the test compared to the rest of the class. Calculate the three measures of the average, and decide what to tell your mom.

Example 2

These are the top ten final scores for the combined results of the Ladies' Figure Skating event at the 2010 Winter Olympics:

Figure Skating
Yu-Na Kim228.56
Mao Asada205.50
Joanie Rochette202.64
Mirai Nagasu190.15
Miki Ando188.86
Laura Lepisto187.97
Rahail Flatt182.49
Akiko Suzuki181.44
Alena Leonova172.46
Ksenia Makarova171.91

Yu-Na Kim of South Korea shattered the world record with a score 18 points higher than the previous record. How would the mean and median of this group change if we left out her score?

Example 3

On your first four math tests you earned a 85, 80, 95, and a 65 (hey, anyone can have a bad day). What must you earn on your next test to have a mean score of at least 80?