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Basic Statistics & Probability

Basic Statistics & Probability

Stem & Leaf Plots Examples

Example 1

This stem and leaf plot represents the predicted high temperatures for New York City in the next 10 days.

stem leaf plot 4

5|7 represents a predicted temperature of 57 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use this plot to find the median of the data.

Example 2

This plot shows the top 20 final times for the two-man bobsled teams at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

stem leaf plot 6

3:26|65 represents a time of 3 minutes 26.65 seconds.

As you can see the difference between the gold medal winner and the bronze medal winner is less than 1 second (3:27.51 – 3:26.65 = 0.86 sec)!

Use this plot to find the mean time and the range for the top twenty bobsled teams.