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Bast Photos

Hail to the Queen!
Sometimes, when I'm hanging out with Amun's wife, Mut, she lets me wear the pharaoh's crown. Don't I look great? [Golden statuette of Bast as Mut, probably late New Kingdom (ca. 1300BCE)]

Like My New Eyeliner?
Trying black instead of the usual malachite around my eyes. What do you think? [Detail from a bronze cat statue of Bast, 26th Dynasty (ca. 600BCE)]

BFFs? Sure!
The ancient Egyptians used to make little amulets shaped like scarab beetles and put magic spells on them to get the gods' attention. This one says: "May I be a favorite of Bast." Sure, keep bringing me catnip and we'll be BFFs! [Drawing of an inscription from a Late Period wish scarab, ca. 664-405BCE.]

Kitty Funeral
That's me around the corner, sitting by the stairs. When the priestess goes home and the funeral's over, I'll take the little cat mummy to the Fields of Reeds, where we can hunt mice together forever. Poor kitty. [The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat by John Reinhard Weguelin, 1886.]

Showing off My New Necklace
I love it when my humans give me jewelry. This necklace has an Eye of Ra on it! [Bronze statue of Bast in cat form, Saite Period/26th Dynasty (ca. 623-525BCE)]

Flowers in Stone
At my temple in Bubastis, the roof was held up by giant pillars carved to look like lotus stalks, like this one. [Lotus capital column from the temple of Bast at Bubastis, 22nd Dynasty (ca.840BCE)]

Lots of Cat Mummies (and Daddies)
Lots of cats were sacrificed to me by the Greeks who lived in Egypt. They mummified them and made them look just like they did when they were alive. I think I would've preferred them living, though. [Cat mummy, ca. 300BCE (Ptolemaic Period)]

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