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Beale Street Love

Beale Street Love


by Langston Hughes

Beale Street Love Resources


Beale Street

A street isn't a street until it gets its own website.

Hughes on Poets.org

Got a hankering for some Hughes?


Beale Street

The bluesy thoroughfare, then and now.

Langston Hughes: Voices and Visions

If you find yourself still hungry for more on Hughes, check out the first part of this documentary, and then click through to the other parts.


"The Negro Speaks of Rivers"

We couldn't find a reading of "Beale Street Love" (if you find one, by all means, let us know), but here you can listen to Hughes read one of his most famous poems. He even tells the story of the poem's creation at the beginning of the clip.

"When the Weary Blues Met Jazz"

He was a lover of jazz, so it's no surprise that Hughes collaborated with jazz musicians Charles Mingus and Leonard Feather. Listen to the fruits of their labor here.


Langston Hughes

The poet, typing away.

Beale Street

Can you hear the music yet?


Collected Poems of Langston Hughes

In the mood to binge on Hughes? Every last poem he wrote is in this book.

Blues Poems

Got the blues? Everyman's Library is here to help.

Movies & TV

"Way Down South"

Add screenwriter to the list of Hughes' many talents. He cowrote this 1939 flick about slavery in the American south.

Historical Documents

Langston Hughes' papers are kept at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University. Fancy, right? You can take a peek at some of the photos and documents they have collected, including early drafts of poems with Hughes' own handwriting.

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