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The Bean Eaters

The Bean Eaters


by Gwendolyn Brooks

The Bean Eaters Resources


Brooks's Bio

A quick and useful introduction to Brooks's life and work here.

Brooks in Her Own Words

Want to know more about Brooks's inspirations and technique? Then check out this interview from The Artful Dodge.

Brooks's Influence on Black Consciousness

Shortly after Brooks died in 2000, The Guardian published this well-written account of her influence in black communities around the world.


"We Real Cool" Discussed on the Favorite Poem Project

OK, so it's not "The Bean Eaters." But this video is a pretty cool (pun intended) example of how Brooks's work influences readers today.

Oh, PBS. How We Love You.

Listen to scholars discuss Brooks's work and watch her read some of her own poems.


Brooks Reads Lots of Poems. Aloud.

Library of Congress recordings are just about as official as you can get! Check out their Brooks archive at the Poetry Foundation.

So you really, really want to hear Brooks read?

Well, then, this CD will help you get your fix of Brooks's poetry. Brooks reads 27 (27!) of her works.

NPR Remembers Brooks

Listen to National Public Radio's reflection on Brooks's life and works shortly after her death in 2000.

Discussion of Brooks's Role in Black Poetics

Listen to a discussion of black women poets (including Brooks) in this fascinating radio from Pacifica.


A Young Gwendolyn Brooks

So young. So wholesome. What's not to love?

Brooks the Scholar

A picture of Brooks in academic regalia. Hey, who doesn't like Harry Potter-esque robes?

Are Online Editions Not Enough?

Maybe you like books. Maybe you're just crazy about mid-century art. Either way, these book jackets are fun to check out!

Historical Documents

The Black Arts Movement
Want to know how Brooks fit into the arts culture of her time? Check out this nifty site, which digs into the cultural, political, and aesthetic leanings of the Black Arts Movement in the mid-twentieth century.


Brooks's Novel Maud Martha

So you like Brooks, but fiction is more your style? Check out her novel, then.

Selected Poems

An entire collection of some of Brooks's most well-known poems.

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