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Beat! Beat! Drums!

Beat! Beat! Drums!


by Walt Whitman

Beat! Beat! Drums! Resources


The Deets

Get the basic dish on Mr. Whitman here: biography, pictures, poems, links, and more.

The Whitman Archive

Here, you'll find absolutely everything about Walt Whitman. We kid you not.

The Poet .org

You know you've made it when you've got yourname.org. Check out Walt's birthplace on this site, and if you ever find yourselves in West Hills, New York, check it out in person!

Visions of New York

"Beat! Beat! Drums!" gives us a nice vision of America before and during the war. Here, you can zoom in and take a look at "Whitman's New York."


Walt Whitman's American Experience

Check out this short video biography from PBS, part of the American Experience series. And if Whitman didn't have an American experience, no one did.

Ken Burns Does the Civil War

Check out some clips from this revealing documentary. If you poke around a bit, you can find some great information on civil war bands, too!

Historical Documents

In His Handwriting

Here's Whitman's handwritten manuscript of "Beat! Beat! Drums!" Come on, how cool is that?

Goodbye, Walt

Check out the original New York Times obituary for Walt Whitman, who came to a "peaceful end" in 1892.

Harper's Weekly

The original 1861 publication. No joke.


Put to Music

Listen as a group of choirs sings the words of "Beat! Beat! Drums!" – is this how you would have orchestrated it?

Young Adult Reads Whitman

Whitman is for everyone, and this guy makes him shine.


Coolest Dude Ever

Now this is guy we'd like on our side.

He Ages Well

Just as cool as an older guy.

Civil War Bands

Can you spot the bugles and drums?

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