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Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures


by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Creatures 10.09 (3) Summary

How It All Goes Down

The Greats

  • If you're confused about anything so far, in the first paragraph of this chapter, Ethan gives a great recap of everything that's happened. Thanks, E.
  • Waking up from a bad dream, Ethan looks outside and sees Amma get into a pickup truck.
  • Even though Amma is a grown woman who can really do whatever she wants with her time, Ethan decides to follow her.
  • She heads to Wader's Creek, where she lives. Human population: 1 (Amma); gator population: ??? Are those teeth marks in those rafts?
  • Amma goes into her house, but Ethan lurks outside. Eventually, Amma emerges wearing her Sunday best.
  • Ethan watches as some strange events transpire with her in the swamp: a few voodoo-like rituals, a mysterious appearance by Macon Ravenwood, and a lot of talk over whether or not Ethan has powers.
  • (He sure picked a good time to eavesdrop.)
  • To call on the Greats—Amma's ancestors who were all Seers like she is—Amma puts out an offering of shrimp, grits, and lemon meringue pie. Not all together, we hope.
  • Oh, Amma and Macon also have a heavy conversation about the fate of the world. You know, the usual.
  • In the midst of it, Macon says, "We need to know the whereabouts of Saraf—" (10.09[3].60), but Amma cuts him off. Who are they talking about? Sarah Ferguson? Unlikely, but we just love guessing games.
  • Before they part, Amma gives Macon a small string of tiny beads. She calls it Graveyard Bone and instructs Macon to give it to Lena, saying it will protect her.

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