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Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures


by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Creatures 2.05 Summary

How It All Goes Down

The Battle of Honey Hill

  • Six days left and still no progress on saving Lena from the Claiming.
  • Ethan finally has a Book of Moons breakthrough: he's able to translate a Cast into English with the help of a Latin dictionary.
  • Lena says it a Locator Cast, which is also a Spoken Cast—something Lena's never done before.
  • Well, what the heck. She tries it anyway, but it doesn't go as planned. A nearby tree spontaneously combusts.
  • Oops.
  • A few days later, Lena stops speaking to Ethan, but he doesn't know why. (This girl is kind of moody, huh?)
  • Ethan drives to Ravenwood, which now looks like a prison, complete with barred windows.
  • Lena's rocking a prison jumpsuit stamped with her birth date.
  • Confession time: Lena tells Ethan she's distancing herself because she can't bear to lose him.
  • Ethan gives up trying to talk sense into her and leaves for school.
  • While listening to Mr. Lee, the history teacher, talk about the Battle of Honey Hill, Ethan looks out the window and sees a line of black cars heading for Ravenwood. It's quite distracting. Ethan describes it as "some kind of funeral procession, only for a funeral that hadn't happened yet" (2.05.29). He seems pretty resigned to the worst-case scenario.
  • Link shows Ethan his new tattoo: a cartoon Ridley in a schoolgirl uniform. We sure hope that thing washes off with soap and warm water.
  • He also says that Ridley is planning a surprise party for Lena's birthday.
  • Oh, and he's changed his band's name to the Holy Rollers, and they're going to play at this surprise party. Well, then.
  • Ethan is supposed to attend the Battle of Honey Hill reenactment, but he's a little distracted by the upcoming battle for Lena's future.

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