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Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful Creatures
by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Death Quotes in Beautiful Creatures Page 3

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Quote #7

She wasn't unlocking doors for him and leaving him messages. He didn't even have that. (12.19.258)

Do you think Ethan is being too forgiving of his father? Plenty of people find outlets for healthy grief without the assistance of a friendly ghost. Not every couple needs a Demi Moore/Patrick Swayze moment in order to move on.

Quote #8

The town was empty, but for the first time it didn't seem deserted, and I didn't feel alone. (12.19.260)

Ethan finds closure about his mother's death when he decides that her spirit is communicating with him from beyond the grave. Do you think Ethan would be able to come to terms with his mother's death if he didn't have a ghostly helper? Also, do you think he's delusional or is this communication actually taking place?

Quote #9


Hmmm. It seems that with Casters around (and, of course, The Book of Moons), anything, even the reversal of death, is possible.

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