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Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures


by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Freedom and Confinement Quotes in Beautiful Creatures

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Quote #7

"She'll be struck by my good looks and charm and musical talent. [...] Then she'll give in and dance with me and follow me up to New York after graduation, to be my groupie." (12.08.118)

Link has big dreams for himself and Coach Cross, a high-school teacher five years his senior. It seems like this guy hasn't yet learned about the fine line between dream and delusion.

Quote #8

Lena told me about Barbados, where the water and the sky meet in a thin blue line until you couldn't tell which was which. (2.05.4)

Lena tells Ethan about places he's only seen in books. Or movies. Maybe one day she can make these dreams a reality for him.

Quote #9

Nobody ever left Gatlin. (12.07.13)

Is Ethan exaggerating, or is something literally keeping Gatlin's residents from leaving? Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised.

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