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Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures


by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Lena Duchannes Timeline & Summary

  • Lena shows up in school to a warm Southern welcome. Oh wait, not really—everyone hates her.
  • After her hearse breaks down, she tries to flag down help, but almost gets hit by Ethan in a car.
  • When she and Ethan touch for the first time, a nearby tree explodes. No big deal.
  • Lena is bullied at school, big time. Venting her anger, she telepathically breaks some windows. Okay, now this is getting weird.
  • One day, Ethan finds Lena crying in the garden of Greenbrier. Lena gradually lets Ethan into her life, even inviting him over for a family dinner. Things are moving pretty fast, don't you think?
  • At the dinner, Lena argues with her cousin Ridley and generates a hurricane that literally blows Ridley out of the house. Ethan gets a little banged up in the process.
  • The next day, Lena spills the beans to Ethan about what she is and what her family's powers are. Let's just say she's no normal teenager.
  • In Lena's bedroom, the two kiss for the first time.
  • Ethan invites Lena to his house for Thanksgiving dinner and she fits in well—Amma even stops time to have a private chat with the girl.
  • After Ethan digs up Genevieve's grave to get The Book of Moons, Lena erases the memories of Aunt Del and Reece so they won't remember what went down.
  • At the Winter Formal, Lena unwittingly plays the part of Sissy Spacek, getting sloshed with water by her classmates.
  • After Lena's sweet sixteen surprise party, Lena clashes (that's putting it lightly) with her mother, Sarafine.
  • Lena is told that she has to make a life-changing Choice [sic].
  • Lena and Amma use The Book of Moons to resurrect Ethan, who was stabbed by Sarafine—in doing so, they avoid the Claiming.
  • Whew. Lena goes Unclaimed. But her eyes have changed a wee bit: one is still green, but the other is now gold. Awesome.