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Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures


by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

The Supernatural Quotes in Beautiful Creatures

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Quote #1

The unexplained was sort of a given in the South; every town has a haunted house, and if you asked most folks, at least a third of them would swear they'd seen a ghost or two in their lifetime. (9.12[2].16)

Maybe where you live affects your willingness to accept supernatural occurrences or to try to explain them through more traditional means. What do you think? All you Southerners out there, have you seen a ghost or two in your lifetime?

Quote #2

When I showed [Amma] the locket her eyes almost fell out of her head. Like it was triple hexed, soaked in a bucket of voodoo, and wrapped in a curse for good measure. (9.14.128)

It doesn't get much more supernatural than that, huh?

Quote #3

Once I got to class, the day became abnormally normal, weirdly normal. (9.14.157)

When you're travelling back in time and reliving (or redying, in this case) your Civil War ancestor's life, just having a normal day can be pretty weird.

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