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Because of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie


by Kate DiCamillo

Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 5 Summary

  • Opal and the preacher find out that Winn-Dixie refuses to be left alone.
  • We're talking "howling and tearing apart the trailer" refuses. Ugh, we have totally had a dog like that.
  • Well, guess there's nothing to do about that but take him everywhere.
  • Opal is fine with that, since she understands what it's like to be lonely.
  • They even take the pooch to church. The Open Arms Baptist Church of Naomi used to be a Pick-it-Quick store (it's still written on the floor tiles, no matter what the preacher does).
  • People bring their own chairs, and it makes Opal think of a parade or barbecue. Mmm…hot dogs.
  • Even though Winn-Dixie would totally fit in, the preacher ties him up outside, because "dogs don't belong in church" (5.8).
  • Bad idea. Bad, bad idea.
  • In the middle of the sermon, Winn-Dixie howls and howls until the preacher caves and tells Opal to bring him in. Obviously, this isn't going to end well.
  • A mouse crosses the floor, and Winn-Dixie takes off after it. Cue hijinks.
  • Winn-Dixie is barking and skidding, church members are cheering, and finally he catches the little guy in his mouth—without squishing him. That is some impressive self-control.
  • He brings it over to the preacher, drops it, and pins it with his paw when it attempts to escape, grinning a doggy grin up at the preacher. You know, like this. Except less evil.
  • "Let us pray for this mouse," the preacher says, and everyone roars as the preacher picks up the mouse and tosses it out the window (5.37).
  • Then everybody prays.
  • Opal prays about lots of stuff: Her mom. She knows she would have loved the mouse story, and she wants to tell her someday.
  • Her loneliness.
  • There aren't too many kids around, just annoying Dunlap & Stevie Dewberry, pinched-face Amanda Wilkinson, and five-year-old Sweetie Pie Thomas, and who wants to be the friend of the preacher's kid anyhow? Well, besides that guy in A Walk to Remember. And this dude. The mouse.

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