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Because of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie


by Kate DiCamillo

Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 8 Summary

  • Winn-Dixie's hair is growing back, so obviously he's proud of how good he looks.
  • Opal brings him to Gertrude's Pets for a collar and leash. Apparently, that's a really big deal.
  • She finds a gorgeous red leather set and shows it to Winn-Dixie (who is looking in the window). He freaks out with sneezing, smiling happiness.
  • Good news: Winn-Dixie loves that leash. Bad news: it's way too expensive for a ten-year-old. Not a problem.
  • Opal heads to the counter and asks if she can pay for the leash with an installment plan—the cashier gives her the leash and collar, and she promises to pay her allowance money each week.
  • Um, no. The pet store worker (a guy named Otis with slicked-back Elvis hair) is not on board—or rather, he is pretty sure the pet store owner will not be on board.
  • Opal will not be deterred. How about she cleans the store for free to get the set (and yeah, the place needs a serious cleaning)?
  • Otis fumbles for an answer, so Opal explains how honest she is, who her dad is, and, oh yeah, Winn-Dixie will have to come in while she works. No good.
  • Gertrude (a screechy talking parrot, not the store owner) doesn't like dogs, Otis explains.
  • But Opal has a lot of faith in Winn-Dixie's friend-making skills, so she calls him in.
  • Wouldn't you know it? Gertrude likes him enough to perch on his head. Obviously, Opal gets the job.
  • She then tells Winn-Dixie how awesome he is at making friends and mentions that her mom would adore him.
  • She and the dog smile at each other as they walk away, so she almost runs into Sweetie Pie Thomas.
  • Pink-ribboned-ponytail Sweetie Pie sucks on her finger and tells Opal that she saw the bird sit on Winn-Dixie's head. She also saw Winn-Dixie catch the mouse at church. And, obviously, she wants a dog just like him.
  • As she pets Winn-Dixie's head, Sweetie Pie invites Opal to her sixth birthday party, all the way in September. The theme? Pink. Winn-Dixie is invited too.
  • Opal reflects on the past few days and how she's not as lonely now that she has a friend, a job, and even a party invitation (okay, it's a "baby" party, but who cares?).

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