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The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar


by Sylvia Plath

The Bell Jar Chapter 2 Summary

  • Lenny's apartment looks like a saloon. Bear rugs cover the floor, everything's paneled in pine, including a horseshoe-shaped bar, and animal heads, horns, and antlers adorn the walls.
  • Lenny puts on some mood music and starts to dance with Doreen as the narrator watches.
  • The narrator is about to fall asleep on one of the bear rugs when all of a sudden, she hears Lenny yell. Doreen has bitten his ear.
  • Lenny throws Doreen over his shoulder, and the narrator notices that Doreen's breasts have fallen out of her dress. Lenny and Doreen laugh as they struggle.
  • The narrator decides that it would be a good time to leave and sneaks out of the apartment.
  • The narrator walks back to the Amazon. Everyone else is still at the party. She takes a long bath, and goes to sleep.
  • She's awakened by knocking at her door. The attendant has brought up Doreen, who is drunk and unintelligible.
  • Doreen continues to call the narrator by her fake name, "Elly," though the attendant uses the narrator's real name, "Miss Greenwood."
  • Annoyed, the narrator leaves Doreen in a pool of her own vomit out in the hallway, and goes back to her room to sleep.
  • When she wakes up the next day, Doreen is gone, and only a faint stain remains on the carpet.

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