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by Toni Morrison

Baby Suggs Timeline and Summary

  • Baby Suggs (a.k.a. Jenny) is born into slavery. She has nine children, but every one of them except for her last one, Halle, is taken from her.
  • By the time she and Halle get to Sweet Home, she's old and a bit lame.
  • That's why Halle offers to buy her freedom from Mr. Garner. He works on weekends for years until Baby Suggs is finally free.
  • Mr. Garner drives Baby Suggs up to Cincinnati, where a brother and sister, the Bodwins, assist her. It's during the drive that she tells
  • Mr. Garner that her real name is Baby Suggs.
  • The Bodwins give Baby Suggs 124 Bluestone Road, and she begins to work as a cobbler.
  • Baby Suggs also starts her own worship services for black people in the clearing outside the city. 
  • When Sethe makes it to Cincinnati, Baby Suggs is delighted.
  • Baby Suggs throws an impromptu party for the community. During the party, schoolteacher and his men arrive for Sethe.
  • When Sethe kills her baby girl and goes off to jail, Baby Suggs withdraws from the townspeople. She stops going to the clearing.
  • Eventually Baby Suggs gets sick and stays in her bed.
  • Toward the end of her life, she craves color. She can't get enough of it.
  • When she dies, the townspeople mourn her passing. There's the possibility that she's the "baby" ghost haunting 124, but pretty much everyone ends up thinking it's Beloved instead.