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by Toni Morrison

Paul D Timeline and Summary

  • Mr. Garner brings Paul D and two of his half-brothers, Paul A and Paul F, to Sweet Home to live and work. Paul D spends most of his childhood at Sweet Home, where he grows up with his two half-brothers as well as Halle and Sixo.
  • He's happy there. Mr. Garner says his slaves are "men" and treats them that way. When Sethe comes to Sweet Home, Paul D falls in love with her, but she chooses to marry Halle.
  • When schoolteacher arrives and proves to be an all-around horror, Paul D plots to escape with the others. However, schoolteacher catches Paul D and kills Paul A and Sixo.
  • Before schoolteacher sells Paul D, Paul D sees Halle with butter all over his face.
  • Then Paul D is sent away to a new owner, Brandywine, whom he tries to kill.
  • Because of the whole Brandywine incident, Paul D ends up on a chain gang all day, and he's tied up in a cell that seems like a coffin at night.
  • Left to die, Paul D and the other chain gang men decide to break free together.
  • They run to a Native American camp, which has been decimated by small pox.
  • Paul D stays at the camp until spring, when a man advises him to follow the blooming blossoms North. Which Paul D does—for years.
  • Along the way, he gets into a relationship with an older woman in Delaware.
  • Eventually, he manages to make it to 124 Bluestone Rd. and to Sethe. They have sex, and he moves in.
  • Things are going great until Beloved shows up.
  • All of the sudden, Paul D feels that Beloved is trying to move him out of the house. Soon he's sleeping in the coal shed.
  • That's when Beloved comes in while he's sleeping. She gets him to have sex with her.
  • Stamp Paid shows Paul D an article about Sethe killing her daughter, which leads Paul D to confront Sethe.
  • By the end of the fight, Paul D moves out.
  • Paul D sleeps in church for a while until Stamp Paid finds him.
  • Paul D runs into Denver on the street; she tells him about Sethe's condition since Beloved's disappearance. He returns to Sethe, promises to take care of her, and asks to build a future with her again.