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by Toni Morrison

Beloved Resources


Beloved, the Comparative Project

Comparing the film to the book? Some smartypants at University of Michigan have compiled all you need to know about the relationship between the (not-so-good) film and the book.

A Literary Tiger Beat

Justin Bieber has his throngs of screaming fans and so does Toni Morrison. Okay, Morrison's fans probably don't scream. But they do hold symposiums and conferences in her honor. Can Bieber say that about his fans? We think not.

What's More Noble than a Nobel?

Looking for more than a bad play on words? Check out Toni Morrison's Nobel Prize acceptance speech and lecture. And while you're at it, you can take a look at her biography, too.

The Be-All-End-All of Morrison Websites

Want more info on Morrison's books than a simple Wikipedia entry? Here's your Holy Grail. We've even linked you directly to the page on Beloved because we're just that helpful.

Movie or TV Productions

Womp Womp

The movie may have been a flop in the theaters, but that doesn't mean it can't have a life as a good, Friday night rental. Plus, when are you going to see Oprah and Danny Glover bust out their acting chops together on screen? (Oh, right, in The Color Purple.)

Articles and Interviews

Who's the Boss?

You've read her fiction. Now read her prose—specifically, her review of a historian's study on black women who labored to save their families during and after slavery.

Grandpa vs. Grandma

It's pretty rare for Morrison to write about her own life. But when she does—like everything else she touches—it turns to literary gold. Read about how her grandfather and grandmother had opposing views about the future of black people, post-slavery.

University of Michigan interview

Want to know what Morrison thinks about the film and the book? Take a look at what students from the University of Michigan were able to get out of her.


"Bigger than Language"

What was it like to write about a woman who killed her own baby? We can't even begin to say, but we know someone who can.

"Like a Mystery Story"

Having trouble understanding Beloved and the way it deals with the past and slavery? Let the author herself explain it to you in two minutes.

The Charlie Rose Show

Hearing Toni Morrison talk for an hour is lot like watching the waves roll in—totally captivating.


"Good Ghosts"

You know an interview is going to be good if you can get an author to start talking about her own experiences with ghosts.


Want to hear the author herself get all readerly on you? Random House has excerpts of Morrison reading her books—every single one of them.

1987 Don Swaim interview

Writing an essay on Beloved? This is seriously a go-to source.


It's Still a Book

Now that the book is also a movie, you have your requisite made-into-a-movie book cover.

Beloved + Toni Morrison

What's better than a picture of Toni Morrison? A picture of Toni Morrison on the cover of Beloved, that's what.

The 1998 cover

One of the more classic covers for the book, this one's got a ghostly woman dressed in white—we're guessing it's Beloved herself.

Going Goth

Beloved meets Dracula?

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