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by Toni Morrison

Beloved: Themes (For the Most Part) True or False

1. Why is 124 Bluestone Road an atypical home? -> There aren't any men in it.
2. What makes the community of free blacks in Cincinnati ticked off at Baby Suggs? -> Baby Suggs has way too much good fortune. And food. How does one person have so much food?!
3. What makes Sweet Home not a home for Sethe and the Sweet Home men? -> Schoolteacher arrives and makes life a living hell for everyone.
4. Why is Beloved's love for Sethe so creepy? -> Beloved is actually trying to get Paul D all for herself.
5. When Paul D, Sethe, and Denver come home from the carnival, their shadows look like they're almost holding hands. Why is this moment important? -> The moment foreshadows the ending of the book, in which the three of them come back together again as a happy family.