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by Unknown

King Hrothgar Timeline and Summary

  • Hrothgar builds the beautiful and lavishly decorated Heorot Hall.
  • Hrothgar's hall is continually attacked by the demon Grendel. Hrothgar and his people must abandon Heorot at night to avoid Grendel's attacks.
  • Hrothgar meets Beowulf, a Geatish warrior who has decided to take on Grendel.
  • He generously rewards Beowulf for killing Grendel.
  • Hrothgar is grieved to learn that Grendel's mother has killed his friend Aeschere, but he rejoices when he hears that Beowulf has killed Grendel's mother.
  • Hrothgar rewards Beowulf again, praises him, and even adopts him as a foster-son.
  • Hrothgar says goodbye to Beowulf.