Bernice Bobs Her Hair
Bernice Bobs Her Hair
by F. Scott Fitzgerald
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Bernice Bobs Her Hair Betrayal Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

Marjorie turned swiftly and with serpentlike intensity to Warren.

"Would you mind running me down to the cleaners?" she asked. "I've simply got to get a dress there before supper. Roberta's driving right home and she can take the others."

Warren stared abstractedly at some infinite speck out the window. Then for an instant his eyes rested coldly on Bernice before they turned to Marjorie.

"Be glad to," he said slowly. (115-116)

Marjorie's deceptive nature emerges here in the adjective "serpentlike," as we see the final act of her betrayal unfold – she reclaims Warren.

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