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Bernice Bobs Her Hair

Bernice Bobs Her Hair


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Marjorie Harvey Timeline and Summary

  • Marjorie asks Warren to dance with Bernice.
  • At home, Marjorie (not knowing she's being overheard) complains to her mother about boring Bernice.
  • Marjorie responds coldly to Bernice's accusations, criticizes her bluntly, and tells her cousin she might as well go home. Bernice flounces off.
  • Bernice comes down and the cousins have a second argument, in which Marjorie derides the idea of the "womanly woman" (56).
  • Marjorie, unperturbed, goes on an afternoon date after her two blowouts with Bernice.
  • When Marjorie returns, Bernice submits to being made over by her cousin, inside and out.
  • Marjorie begins popularity boot camp right away.
  • After Bernice's social re-debut, Marjorie touches base with her – the makeover is a success.
  • Marjorie claims that Bernice and Warren's relationship doesn't matter to her.
  • Marjorie coldly confronts Bernice, telling her that Warren doesn't really care about her.
  • At the bridge party, Marjorie outs Bernice, telling everyone that she won't ever really bob her hair.
  • Marjorie taunts Bernice in front of everyone else.
  • After the haircut, Marjorie triumphantly reclaims Warren, asking him to take her to run some errands. The pair desert Bernice.
  • Marjorie disingenuously apologizes for goading Bernice into bobbing her hair; while she's doing it, she smugly braids her own long, golden locks.
  • The sleeping Marjorie unknowingly receives a horrible haircut of her own.