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Bernice Bobs Her Hair

Bernice Bobs Her Hair


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Warren McIntyre Timeline and Summary

  • Warren, wandering through the dance partner-less, agrees to dance with Bernice for Marjorie's sake.
  • Bored, Warren half-heartedly flirts with Bernice – and fails.
  • Warren is offended by Bernice's apparently judgmental attitude towards Jim and Ethel.
  • At the next dance, Warren can't believe his eyes – Bernice is suddenly besieged by tons of partners.
  • Warren notices that Bernice is actually pretty.
  • G. Reece Stoddard and Warren collide, and the latter is shocked to see G. Reece make a beeline for Bernice.
  • Warren and Bernice become something of an item – he visits her every day and they talk constantly on the phone.
  • Warren picks Bernice up for the bridge party, just after Marjorie confronts her about him.
  • When Marjorie questions Bernice, Warren regards her questioningly.
  • Driving to the barbershop, Warren is a little moody – he's clearly not sure what to make of Bernice anymore.
  • As soon as the haircut is over, Warren's interest in Bernice dissipates. He returns to his previous devotion to Marjorie.