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Bernice Bobs Her Hair

Bernice Bobs Her Hair


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Bernice Bobs Her Hair: What About a Bob? Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Bernice Bobs Her Hair? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. Who is Bernice visiting for a month over the summer?

Her grandmother
Her hairstylist
Her cousin
Her pen pal
Q. Why do Bernice and Marjorie get in a fight?

Because Bernice overhears Marjorie calling her boring
Because Marjorie doesn’t invite her to accompany her to a party
Because Bernice totally commits a blocking foul, and the idiot ref doesn’t call it
Because they have disparate political views
Q. Why does Bernice announce that she is going to have her hair bobbed?

Because a fauxhawk is not yet an option
Because she wants to prove to Marjorie that she doesn’t need her help
Because Marjorie is trying to help her become more popular
Q. What is the reaction to Bernice’s transformation?

She is laughed at by nearly everyone
She experiences a huge surge in popularity
It is one of awe, as she quickly assumes the shape of the villainous Megatron
The change goes completely unnoticed
Q. What does Bernice do to get on Marjorie’s bad side?

She starts a rumor that Marjorie doesn’t like boys
She fails to follow Marjorie’s instructions
She tosses Marjorie’s teacup Chihuahua into a wood chipper
She becomes too popular