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South Is Where the Heart Is
Here's Nubia. That's probably where I originally came from before I arrived in Egypt—but I'm not 100% sure. [Map of Nubia, April 14, 2006]

Here's my pal Cleopatra—the last of the Ptolemaic dynasty that loved worshipping me. [Cleopatra's Banquet by Gerard de Lairesse, 1655-1690]

Worship Me, Y'all
Here's Saqqara—the place with all the pyramids—where pilgrims worshiped me in a special temple. [Pietro Della Valle: Reiß-Beschreibung in unterschiedliche Theile der Welt, 1674]

My Fave Place
I might not be a native Egyptian, but I love Egypt the best out of all the places I've been. ["Sphinx and Pyramid," Giza, Lantern Slide collection]

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