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Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)


by Beyoncé

Video & Audio

"Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" Official Video

The official, super-acclaimed music video. Is it worth all the hype? You decide.

Justin Timberlake does "Single Ladies" on SNL

Beyoncé with leotard-clad Justin Timberlake, famously parodying the "Single Ladies" video on Saturday Night Live. Although JT surely could do the dance moves, he refrains from really going there for the sake of the joke.

The Beyoncé baby-dancer who made it big

View a now-famous 13-month-old dancing to Single Ladies—and then join the blogosphere debate about whether the Single Ladies dance (and some of the associated outfits) are appropriate for children.

Live Performance in Rockefeller Plaza

The sound isn't great on this live performance of "Single Ladies", but the video gives us a great view of Beyoncé's all-girl band rocking out to the song.

Flash Mob does "Single Ladies"

A 100-person "Single Ladies" flash dance in the middle of Picadilly Circus appears spontaneous—turns out, it's a clever form of advertising for a big gum company.

Guitar-playing boy covers "Single Ladies"

An acoustic cover of "Single Ladies" puts a totally different twist on the music, and the message.

Beyoncé talks Sasha Fierce

Short interview with Beyoncé that touches on Sasha Fierce, her shyness as a kid, and her famous quietness about her relationship with Jay-Z.

"Why Don't You Love Me?" Video

The latest video from Beyoncé, co-directed by the singer herself, is full of 1960s throwbacks and clever film references—but can anyone figure out what they are?

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