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The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep


by Raymond Chandler

 Table of Contents

The Big Sleep Characters

Meet the Cast

Philip Marlowe

The Tough GuyOn the surface, Philip Marlowe appears to be your quintessential tough-guy private eye. He's tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome, Rick Castle-style. He's got a dry sense of humor and a q...

Eddie Mars

The Man in Gray No detective story would be complete without the bad guy, and Eddie Mars comes ready dressed for the part. Our first look at Mars reads like we're watching a movie in black and...

Carmen Sternwood

The Spoiled SocialiteThe modern-day equivalent of Carmen Sternwood would probably be someone like Paris Hilton. A beautiful, rich, spoiled socialite who's flirtatious, self-absorbed, and probably a...

Vivian Sternwood

The Femme FataleNo American detective novel written in the thirties would be complete without the figure of the "femme fatale," a French term meaning deadly woman. A femme fatale is an irresistibly...

General Sternwood

General Sternwood, the elderly millionaire father of Carmen and Vivian, initially hires Marlowe to "take care" of someone who is attempting to blackmail him. But the General's favorite hobby is tak...

Mona Grant

Mona Grant is a former singer and the wife of Eddie Mars. There are rumors that she ran away with Rusty Regan, but you know what they say—never trust a rumor. When Marlowe is finally able to trac...

Arthur Gwynn Geiger

Arthur Geiger is the man involved in the blackmail scheme to obtain a grand from General Sternwood for supposed gambling debts accrued by Carmen. He's middle-aged, overweight, and runs a rare books...

Minor Characters

Carol LundgrenLundgren is Geiger's handsome lover. His favorite three words are, "Go — yourself," which he repeats incessantly, much to Marlowe's annoyance. Lundgren shoots and kills Br...
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