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Big Sur

Big Sur


by Jack Kerouac

Cody Pomeray Timeline and Summary

  • Jack and company drive to Los Gatos to see Cody, where he's living with his wife Evelyn and their three kids.
  • Cody's sad to see that Jack is drinking so much.
  • The men watch Cody recapping tires, which he does with great skill while talking a mile a minute.
  • Once the gang is back in San Francisco, Cody calls Jack and asks him to drive back and loan him a hundred dollars. They do, and afterwards Cody comes with them to Monsanto's cabin.
  • When he sees Big Sur for the first time, Cody reacts exactly the same way Jack did – with fear and awe.
  • Along with the other men, Cody participates in a wood-chopping contest.
  • Cody and Jack are put off by a group of gay men hanging out by the hot springs and refuse to undress.
  • They gang goes to Nepenthe together, where Cody talks, plays chess, and talks incessantly.
  • Some time later, Jack is talking with McLear, when Cody bursts in with his family. They appear to Jack as a group of angels sent down from heaven.
  • Cody and Jack go for a ride together; they smoke pot but don't talk much. Cody does bring up the topic of his mistress, Billie, whom he wants Jack to meet.
  • Cody drags them to a play his wife helped produce, but they get drunk and leave early.
  • Then Cody takes Jack to see Billie. Cody is a little jealous when she goes for Jack, but he leaves them alone so they can be together.
  • On the way to Big Sur with Dave, Romana, and Billie, Jack decides that he wants Cody's mistress and Cody's wife to meet each other. He makes the group stop at Cody's place.
  • Jack writes that Cody is getting tired of him, but that he'll never really know what Cody is up to "in the long run."