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Big Sur

Big Sur


by Jack Kerouac

Dave Wain Timeline and Summary

  • Dave Wain meets up with Jack in San Francisco; Jack remembers driving cross-country with him in his jeep, which is named "Willie."
  • Jack can't decide who is the better driver, Cody or Dave.
  • Dave brings Ron Blake with him, a teenager admirer. They all drink together.
  • Dave drives Jack to visit Cody in Los Gatos; they drink on the way.
  • When they arrive, Dave immediately likes and admires Cody, as Jack hoped and thought he would.
  • They leave Cody and return to the city.
  • Dave picks up his girl, Romana, and they visit George Base in the hospital.
  • Dave drives on the next trip to pick up Cody and head to Big Sur.
  • They all drink at Monsanto's cabin.
  • Dave pays particular attention to McLear's beautiful wife, who has also joined the party with her husband.
  • Dave makes breakfast; he knows everything about cooking.
  • They leave the cabin.
  • Dave gets a phone call from Jack some time later: Jack wants the four of them (Jack, Romana, Dave, Billie) to go to Big Sur together, and Dave agrees.
  • They group takes the jeep; there is lots of drinking on the way to Big Sur.
  • Dave and Romana have lots of sex at the cabin, even in view of passing tourists.
  • While Jack is going mad, Dave catches a fish, which he deems "holy," and very carefully (while narrating the process) cooks it for dinner.
  • Dave tries to get Jack to eat instead of just drinking on an empty stomach all the time.
  • Romana and Dave head to the best sleeping spot – by the creek – to retire for the night.
  • The next morning, Dave is disappointed when Jack suggests they head back early. He's having a good time and doesn't want to leave.
  • When Billie digs the coffin-shaped hole in the ground, Jack thinks that Dave, too, picks up on the significance.