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Biogeography: Get the Continental Drift True or False

1. Which of these does not affect climate? -> The Earth's shape
2. Three-quarters of the Earth is covered in: -> Ocean
3. Which of these is not an example of a biome? -> Wetlands
4. Land bridges allow species to move from one continent to another. What is another explanation for continents sharing closely related organisms? -> (B) and (C)
5. What is one possible reason for more species diversity in the tropics compared to temperate biomes? -> Tropical biomes are older, since they were not covered by ice during ice ages.
6. The fact that pitcher plants in Asia are similar to pitcher plants in South America is an example of: -> Convergent evolution
7. The made-up country of Rockana has the same number of species as the made-up country of Rollana, but Rockana is twice as big as Rollana. Which of the following is the same for both countries? -> Species area curves
8. Invasive species are species that have become super successful in new habitats, usually with human help. With which aspect are humans most directly involved? -> Adaptation to the new environment
9. Which of these animals has a cosmopolitan distribution? -> Bay checkerspot butterflies
10. Which of these animals has naturally expanded its range in the last 150 years? -> Giant pandas