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1. Large islands have slower extinction rates than small islands because:→They have more species on them.
2. High temperatures in the tropics cause:→Warm air to rise and lose moisture
3. If a species is endemic to a region, it:→Occurs nowhere else
4. Which of these is not a result of plate tectonics?→Mountain ranges
5. What was the only explanation for disjunct distributions before the idea of continental drift was accepted?→Land bridges
6. Based on what you know about species area curves, which state do you think would have the most species?→Vermont
7. One way a non-swimming animal could reach an oceanic island is by:→Tubing
8. What is one effect climate change has had on species ranges?→Plants have more competition within their ranges.
9. In the future, the major grain-producing areas are predicted to:→Move north
10. Which two major agricultural products only grow in tropical climates?→Potatoes and tomatoes
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