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Biogeography: Cosmopolitan, It's Not Just a Magazine Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Biogeography? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. Large islands have slower extinction rates than small islands because:

They have more species on them.
They have fewer species on them.
They have more resources available, so there is less competition.
They have fewer resources available, so there is more competition.
Species are more likely to evolve on large islands.
Q. High temperatures in the tropics cause:

Warm air to rise and lose moisture
Warm air to rise and gain moisture
Cool air to rise and lose moisture
Cool air to rise and gain moisture
Warm air to fall
Q. If a species is endemic to a region, it:

Is only dispersed by humans
Lives everywhere on Earth
Occurs nowhere else
Is not well adapted to that region
Got to the region because of continental drift
Q. Which of these is not a result of plate tectonics?

Oceanic trenches
Mountain ranges
Q. What was the only explanation for disjunct distributions before the idea of continental drift was accepted?

Evolution of flight, then loss of ability to fly
Convergent evolution
Spontaneous evolution
Adaptive radiations
Land bridges
Q. Based on what you know about species area curves, which state do you think would have the most species?

Rhode Island
New Mexico
Q. One way a non-swimming animal could reach an oceanic island is by:

Water skiing
Q. What is one effect climate change has had on species ranges?

Armadillos have expanded south.
Armadillos have expanded north.
Birds migrate further north than they used to
Plants have more competition within their ranges.
Winter comes sooner, making birds migrate earlier.
Q. In the future, the major grain-producing areas are predicted to:

Become more productive
Move north
Move south
Stay the same
Have a lot more pests invading them
Q. Which two major agricultural products only grow in tropical climates?

Potatoes and tomatoes
Ginger and apples
Vanilla and hazelnuts
Coffee and chocolate
Grapes and turmeric