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Earth's Climate

As far as we know, our planet is the only one in our solar system that supports life. Earth's distance from the sun makes the planet not too hot and not too cold. Goldilocks would choose us if she...

Distribution Patterns

Organisms have different patterns of where they live on the globe. The territory a species lives in is called its distribution, which just means where in the world that species naturally occurs. Fo...

Current Patterns of Diversity on Earth

If you were to count all the species that live in your hometown, you would get one number. Then if you were to count all the species that live in your county, and then in your state, and then in th...

Island Biogeography

Islands usually have unique and interesting flora and fauna (but not Merryweather), like the giant tortoises of the Galapagos and the Komodo dragons of Komodo. They tend to have a lot of endemic sp...

Common Mistakes

Earth's ClimateUsually in geography, latitude and longitude are equally important because you need both to specify a location. The patterns of Earth's climates and habitats depend on exposure to su...

Test Your Knowledge

Earth's Climate1. At what latitude are most major deserts found?2. Why are temperatures at the equator hotter than the poles?3. Which of these is not an example of a biome?a. Tundrab. Tropical rain...

Made From Trees

A biogeography book written for the general public: David Quammen. 1996. The Song of the Dodo. Touchstone, New York. An oldie but a goodie: Robert H. MacArthur and Edward O. Wilson. 1967. The Theor...

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