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Biotechnology: Don't Shoot the Messenger (RNA) Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Biotechnology? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. Digestion of DNA and a cloning vector with a restriction enzyme usually generates products with

Blunt ends
Sticky ends
Ends with bases removed by the enzyme
Ends with bases added by the enzyme
Both C and D are true depending on the enzyme
Q. Chain termination is achieved in dideoxy DNA sequencing by

DNA polymerase running into a specific DNA sequence that signals for it to stop
DNA polymerase running into a protein bound to the DNA that causes it to stop
Having a limited number of dNTPs that DNA polymerase can incorporate
Incorporation of a dideoxy dNTP
Incorporation of a dATP
Q. Only a small amount of sample is needed for PCR because

Primers are extremely sensitive and enhance the functioning of PCR
PCR amplifies the amount of starting material
DNA replication takes place increasing the amount of DNA
The polymerase used in PCR is very efficient
Transcription takes place during the denaturation phase
Q. A scientist would use RFLP analysis to look for the difference in

Recognition sites of restriction enzymes between alleles
Size of DNA of different alleles
Repeating DNA sequences of different alleles
Proteins coded for by the alleles
None of the above
Q. Which of the following terms does not belong? Or, if you never stopped loving Sesame Street, "one of these things is not like the others…"

DNA probe
Q. Although it is much faster than creating a knock out organism, which of the following is a disadvantage of using RNAi?

It requires large amounts of siRNA
Because they are single-stranded, siRNAs are very unstable
The effect only lasts for a short time
RNAi can only be conducted in human cells
Both A and B are correct
Q. Embryonic stem cells are desirable for research use because they are

Induced pluripotent cells
The easiest type of cells to manipulate in the lab
Q. In animal cloning, the nucleus of a differentiated cell is transferred into which of the following type of cell?

Sperm cell
Enucleated sperm cell
Egg cell
Enucleated egg cell
White blood cell
Q. Only a small sample is needed when using DNA as evidence because

DNA can self-replicate
Part of the analysis involves adding the necessary components to replicate the DNA
PCR amplifies the DNA so only a little is required
Only a small amount of DNA is needed to be transcribed to mRNA which is then used for analysis
None of the above
Q. The type of vector typically used in gene therapy is a(n)

Bacterial vector
Mammalian vector
Amphibian vector
Reptile vector
Viral vector