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1. What role do restriction enzymes play in DNA cloning?→They cut DNA at specific recognition sites
2. Electrophoresis takes advantage of which of the following properties of DNA in order to separate pieces by size?→The backbone of DNA is negatively charged due to the phosphate groups
3. Which of the following relationships is incorrect?→Northern blot – protein
4. Dideoxy chain termination is used in which of the following techniques?→DNA sequencing
5. Which of these terms is out of place?→protein
6. The technique that involves mutating a DNA sequence outside of an organism and then introducing it into an organism is called→RNA interference
7. These cells are already differentiated but can be converted into cells that can become any type in the lab.→Induced pluripotent cells
8. In animal cloning, which of the following is transferred to an enucleated egg cell?→The nucleus of a differentiated cell
9. Which of the following words does not belong?→Short tandem repeats
10. Whole animals that have been engineered to express an altered gene or a gene from another species are called      .→Differentiated animals
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