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Biotechnology: Designer Genes: More Expensive Than You Think Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Biotechnology? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. What role do restriction enzymes play in DNA cloning?

They glue the DNA pieces together
They help select for the organism that has taken up the recombinant DNA
They cut DNA at specific recognition sites
They activate gene expression in the organism
They suppress the defense mechanisms in the organism in which the recombinant DNA has been introduced
Q. Electrophoresis takes advantage of which of the following properties of DNA in order to separate pieces by size?

DNA is double stranded
DNA contains deoxyribose
DNA is very stable
The backbone of DNA is negatively charged due to the phosphate groups
DNA is primarily single-stranded
Q. Which of the following relationships is incorrect?

Southern blot – DNA
Northern blot – protein
Western blot – protein
Q. Dideoxy chain termination is used in which of the following techniques?

DNA cloning
DNA digestion by restriction enzymes
DNA amplification by PCR
DNA sequencing
Southern blotting
Q. Which of these terms is out of place?

gene chip
Q. The technique that involves mutating a DNA sequence outside of an organism and then introducing it into an organism is called

RNA interference
In situ hybridization
Single nucleotide polymorphism
In vitro mutagenesis
Q. These cells are already differentiated but can be converted into cells that can become any type in the lab.

Induced pluripotent cells
Heart cells
White blood cells
Dedifferentiated cells
Endoderm cells
Q. In animal cloning, which of the following is transferred to an enucleated egg cell?

The cytoplasm of a differentiated cell
The cytoplasm of a dedifferentiated cell
The nucleus of a differentiated cell
The nucleus of a dedifferentiated cell
The nucleus of a sperm cell
Q. Which of the following words does not belong?

DNA microarray
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms
Southern blot
Short tandem repeats
Q. Whole animals that have been engineered to express an altered gene or a gene from another species are called      .

Differentiated animals
Pluripotent animals
Totipotent animals
Cloned animals
Transgenic animals