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Biotechnology: When a Single Helix Just Won't Do True or False

1. Restriction fragments can be separated from each other based on size using -> Restriction enzyme digestion
2. How can a scientist ensure that all of the bacteria they are growing contain the recombinant DNA they have introduced? -> Incubate the bacteria with the same antibiotic for which the recombinant DNA expresses a resistance gene
3. Which of the following terms is out of place? -> In situ hybridization
4. DNA microarray analysis would be useful in which of the following situations? -> To identify a particular DNA mutation
5. The step of PCR that has to occur prior to primers binding to the DNA is -> Denaturation
6. RNAi requires which of the following? -> Primers
7. The first plant that was cloned from a single cell was a -> Carrot plant
8. The first mammal to be cloned using the nucleus from a differentiated cell was a(n) -> sheep
9. A condition that is caused by a gene of known sequence can be diagnosed by -> PCR analysis
10. Which of the following is not a problem associated with gene therapy? -> Cloning a gene into a viral vector is met with little success