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The Birthmark

The Birthmark


by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Aminadab Timeline and Summary

  • We learn that Aminadab is Aylmer's assistant and has been for many years. Though he doesn't understand the science behind Aylmer's experiments, he can carry out all the physical tasks perfectly.
  • Aminadab is described as short, stocky, and earthy.
  • The narrator, apparently unable to hold back, points out that Aminadab represents man's physical, earthy half, while Aylmer represents his lofty, spiritual half.
  • Aminadab helps Aylmer move the unconscious Georgiana into the boudoir. He mutters under his breath that, if she were his wife, he would not tamper with the birthmark.
  • Aminadab helps Aylmer prepare the elixir for Georgiana.
  • When the birthmark is gone from Georgiana's face, Aminadab laughs.
  • When Georgiana is dying, he laughs again.