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Black Boy

Black Boy


by Richard Wright

Black Boy Isolation Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Section.Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

I had already begun to sense that my feelings varied too far from those of the people around me for me to blab about what I felt. (1.3.306)

From an early age, Richard knew he was a little "different." He’s also smart enough to know that crowds attack people who are too "different" with pitchforks and axes.

Quote #2

Again and again I vowed that someday I would end this hunger of mine, this apartness, this eternal difference; and I did not suspect that I would never get intimately into their lives, that I was doomed to live with them but not of them, that I had my own strange and separate road, a road which in later years would make them wonder how I had come to tread it. (1.5.51)

Walking a different path can be lonely, but it’s the only way to do something no one else has done.

Quote #3

I walked home slowly, asking myself what on earth was the matter with me, why it was I never seemed to do things as people expected them to be done. Every word and gesture I made seemed to provoke hostility. […] Finding no answer, I told myself that I was a fool to worry about it, that no matter what I did I would be wrong somehow as far as my family was concerned. (1.5.230)

Richard is such an oddball that even his family can’t handle him. If only there were an AOL chat room for strange, isolated bookworms.

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