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Black Boy

Black Boy


by Richard Wright

Black Boy Resources


Abandon Ship

We know you were just dying to know what happened to the Kate Adams. Better get the tissues ready.

The Wright Connection, Get It? Eh? Eh?

Forgive this site’s totally corny name, because it actually is an amazing website for all things Richard Wright.

Movie or TV Productions

No Love for Black Boy

Even though Wright has had four of his novels made into movies, we won’t hold it against the movie industry that they haven’t done an adaptation for the diehard Black Boy fans. We can wait.

Articles and Interviews

The Whoodoo of Whooda Whatta?

Even though Wright’s first story is lost to history, you can sort of relive the experience through the words of this lady who kind of remembers reading it.


All Wright, All the Time

This documentary about Wright was years in the making, and follows his life from Chicago to his death.

Straw Katty!

This is the kind of hat he was wearing when he got made fun of at school. We seriously can’t understand why.


Now Tell Us About Your First Time

Carl Phillips tells us about his first time discovering Wright.

We’d Rather Forget, Thanks

In this three-part series, people remember life under Jim Crow.


No Actual Black Boys on the Cover, Please

The cover of the old Book of the Month Club edition, complete with mysterious blue mist.

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat

Richard didn’t think the S.S. Kate Adams was big enough. What do you think?

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