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Black Boy

Black Boy


by Richard Wright

Black Boy Violence Quotes

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Quote #7

I knew that my life was revolving about a world that I had to encounter and fight when I grew up. (1.5.47)

Imagine knowing that your life will depend on how well you can fight. Not how hard you can work, or what grades you get, or even if you got those cute shoes on sale last week—nope. Just how well you can fight. Would you even bother going to school?

Quote #8

"Crush that nigger’s nuts, nigger!"

"Hit that nigger!"

"Aw, fight, you goddamn niggers!"

"Sock ’im in his f--k--g piece!"

"Make ’im bleed!" (1.12.271)

Whew, that is a lot of cursing. This sort of stuff is bad enough with WWF matches, but Richard and Harrison are actually getting hurt. (We all know WWF is fake, right? Right?)

Quote #9

"Did you notice that he was injured?"

"Yes. His head was bandaged."

"He got that wound from the police in a demonstration," he explained. "That’s proof of revolutionary loyalty." (2.19.56)

Back to the schoolyard. Just like when he was a kid, Richard has to fight to prove he’s good enough to hang out with the big boys. Only, grown-up Richard doesn’t really feel like playing that game any more.

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