The Black Cat
The Black Cat
by Edgar Allan Poe
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The Black Cat Justice and Judgment Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

But this blow was arrested by the hand of my wife. (23)

There is a sad and brutal justice at work here. The woman dies protecting an animal who can't protect itself. Surely her situation didn't escape notice from the neighbors. The man is even afraid to move her body because of them. Unfortunately, there was no law against what the man was doing.

Quote #5

Upon its head, with red extended mouth and solitary eye of fire, sat the hideous beast whose craft had seduced me into murder, and whose informing voice had consigned me to the hangman. (32)

At the very end here, the man puts all the blame on the cat, and, in a roundabout way is arguing that the cat, not the man, belongs in the jail cell waiting for the gallows. Still, there is a sense of justice in this moment, if only because the cat is still alive.

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