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The Black Cat

The Black Cat


by Edgar Allan Poe

The Narrator's Wife Timeline and Summary

  • The woman and the man get married.
  • She brings lots of pets into the home, including Pluto.
  • The man begins physically and verbally abusing her.
  • She escapes the burning and house.
  • When the second cat follows the man home, she treats it lovingly.
  • When she sees the cat is missing an eye, she loves it even more.
  • She shows the man, several times, that the white fur on the cat's chest is in the shape of a gallows.
  • The man continues to abuse her.
  • One day she goes down to the cellar with him.
  • When he tries to kill the cat with an axe, she stops him.
  • He axes her in the head, and she dies and her body is concealed in the cellar wall.
  • When the police investigate, the body is discovered.